1. What to prepare

• Bank account information to where payments are made from Teetree to you.
• Your Store name, banner and logo.


• Sign up on this link
• Select the “I am a vendor” checkbox.
• Complete the step-by-step guide on screen.
• You are now a registered vendor on Teetree Print On Demand
• Join us on Facebook & Instagram

3. Store setup

Step 1: Navigate to Dashboard > Settings
• Upload a banner.
• Upload a profile picture.
• Optional: Show terms and conditions, store opening/closing times, etc.

Step 2: Double check your payment information and address.

Step 3: Connect your social media accounts. (This can be done by visiting your social media profile, copying the link and pasting it in the applicable fields.)

Step 4: Store SEO. (Search Engine Optimization). Enter keywords for your store to be seen on search engines such as Google.

Save after every step to ensure changes are captured.

4. Next steps

Continue to Dashboard support documentation to learn how to upload products and setup your own store.

Understanding the tools at your disposal

1. Dashboard
The first page of your dashboard is an overview of your sales, reviews and products.

2. Adding and managing products

Create a design

1. Go to design your own.
2. Choose a garment type / product.
3. Click customize.
4. Choose area you want to print on – Front / Back / Both.
5. Choose colour.
6. Choose size.
7. Choose print size option.
8. The price you see for the garment will be the minimum amount you will be allowed to sell the item for – Please refer to commission structure for details.
9. Click on Start and upload design.
10. Click on Design here Online.
11. Design your product – Refer to How to design tutorial for design tips and tricks.
12. When design is complete click on File.
13. Click on Download.
14. Download as SVG file only.
15. NB – This file is your design proof that will be sent to printers – ensure you name it with enough detail for future reference.
16. Save the file onto your device.
a. Create Mock-up of product (Storefront Display Picture)
b. Click on File
c. Save as CMYK JPG
d. NB – This file is your design proof that will be sent to printers – ensure you name it with enough detail for future reference.
17. Close designer.
18. Click on your account name.
19. Click Dashboard.
20. Go to vendor dashboard.
21. Click on Products tab.
22. Click on add new products.
23. Upload saved CMYK JPG image of your product.
24. Enter selling price as per commission structure.
25. Enter description you want the customer to see – This is important for SEO purposes and for the customer to know what he is buying.
26. Pick Category.
27. Save product.
28. Adding Variable products (If your product has variations such as colors, sizes etc.).
29. Change Product type to variable.
30. Attributes and variations tab:
a. Add attribute with values, then tick the box “used for variations” SAVE.
b. Under variations click add > “generate from attributes” SAVE.
c. After variations are added, they will each require their own unique price, SKU   Code & Product image (if different color shirts are available) to be displayed in your store.
31. Edit a product.
Navigate to Dashboard > Products to view all products.
Manage your products through, bulk or single edit, delete or duplicate a product.
Refer to Shipping support documentation tab for more information.

3. Orders
• Manage orders.
• export orders to CSV. files.

4. Coupons
To add a coupon, click on “add a coupon” and complete the onscreen fields.

Important points to remember:

• Coupon titles should be unique.
• Usage limits and expire dates need to be set.
• click on the “show on store” checkbox if you want to show your coupons on your store page.
• Coupon discounts will be deducted from the vendor’s withdrawal amount.

5. Reports
The following detailed reports are available in this tab.

• Overview
• Sales by date
• Top selling products
• Top-earning products
• exportable statement to .CSV files

6. Reviews
Manage and respond to reviews made by customers on your products.

7. Withdraw
From this tab you can withdraw your eligible funds.
Refer to withdraw funds documentation for more info.

8. Settings
• View your store profile completeness
• Set up payment methods
• Connect your social media profiles.
• Set up store SEO

We handle fulfillment so you can do what you do best – Make great designs and sell, sell, sell.

Shipping partners
• We use U-Africa

We set our shipping rates at a standard price of R75.

Offering free shipping
Vendors who wish to offer free shipping can do so by placing the products in the “free shipping” class.

Shipping of these products will be deducted from the vendor’s withdrawable amount.

Commission structure

1. You will receive commission on all products designed and sold through the Teetree marketplace.
2. You will receive a list of the minimum selling price you can sell each product for.
3. This ensures that you make a profit and that Teetree is covering Printing and fulfillment cost. Please note that if you sell a product for less than the specified selling price the order may be rejected, or the shortfall will be deducted from your commission.
4. All shipping and Coupon cost will be subtracted from the Vendors commission.

Minimum Selling and commission
• You will set the price according to the print size you chose when you designed your garment.
• Teetree will show you the price while you are designing – THAT WILL BE YOUR MINIMUM SELLING PRICE.
• You can sell for more than the minimum amount to increase your profit.
• To offer specials you MUST use Coupons.
• Commission ranges from 25% to 20%.
• We do offer a subscription where you can earn up to 35% commission and free shipping options – Please contact Teetree for more Details.

Getting your money

1. Payment settings setup
• Navigate to Dashboard > Settings > Payment.
• Click on update settings.

2. Withdraw
• Current balance: Funds available to withdraw.
• Please note that a minimum of R500 will remain in your account to cover any returns or queries.

Minimum withdraw amount: By default, this is set to R100. You cannot withdraw an amount less than this. (Special arrangements can be made)
Withdraw threshold: funds are added to the current balance 5 days after product delivery. (In case of customer order dispute or refund)